Our office is still open to see any Dental Emergencies in office and also Virtual Consultations are now available for all patients

Choosing a competent and professional periodontist in Houston is an important decision for you and your family’s oral care. At our office, we will take care of all of your dental needs, including periodontal oral care treatments.

Skilled periodontist on staff

  • We have a skillful periodontist on our team who is trained to diagnose and treat patients with periodontal disease. Our periodontist completed three additional years of education above and beyond dental school training.
  • Equipped with innovative technology and qualified skills, we will provide you with the necessary treatments according to your oral health care condition.
  • Having a trained periodontist on our team, we are fully capable of giving you the best oral care for you and your family. That is something we take great pride in.
  • We can educate you on warning signs and prevention tips so you do not become prey for periodontal disease. If one of our dentists sees signs of gum disease, they don’t have to refer you to another periodontist like most dentists do. Instead, our trained periodontist will evaluate your signs and devise a treatment plan.

Full mouth inspection

  • A full mouth inspection, specifically focusing on the gums and the gumline will be completed. Additionally, evaluating your bite (how your teeth fit together when you bite), and checking for loose teeth will be done. X-rays might also be completed in order to examine the bone underneath your gums.
  • All of these steps will help our periodontist to thoroughly assess your periodontal health, and devise a treatment plan when necessary.
  • Detecting and treating gum disease should not be postponed—the earlier the treatment begins, the better. Some advanced cases of periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss, and other systemic diseases (i.e. heart disease, diabetes).

We highly encourage you to come see us if you suspect any form of gum disease. If you would like a periodontal checkup from our Houston periodontist, call us for your complimentary consultation today.