Dentophobia is exactly what it reads — fear of dentists. If you have it, you’re not alone. In fact, National Library of Medicine states that at least “36% of the population” have anxiety or fear when it comes to seeing the dentist with a “further 12% suffering from extreme dental fear” in which they never visit a dentist even for cleanings. Find out how The Houston Dentists can help you overcome your dental anxiety. 


The biggest reason for this fear is pain. Those fearful may have had a painful or bad experience at some point with a dentist. The problem with this is, the longer you avoid seeing a dentist, especially for routine check-ups, the more likely you will have issues with your teeth and — you guessed it, potential pain. The worst thing you can do is avoid dental check-ups as you’ll eventually need work that will not only cost more than prevention, but it can cause unnecessary pain that could have been avoided. 


Couch and painting We’re here to offer you help and solutions for your dental anxiety whether you live in the Houston area or far, far away. Visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be painful even if you haven’t been for a while. 


The first thing you should do is find a dentist you feel comfortable with. At The Houston Dentists, we’ve created our environment to be soothing and relaxing. Amenities we offer all our patients, if needed, include noise-canceling headphones, blankets, neck pillows, aromatherapy, and more. If your dentist doesn’t offer any of these ask if you can bring in your own noise-canceling headphones or blanket to help you relax. 


Try deep breathing to help relax you. If having a friend for support during your visit helps, ask if it’s okay to bring them along. 


Ask for a consultation prior to visiting us for an exam. Any good dentist should do this to help you learn how they can help with anxiety. Our entire team is experienced in helping patients feel comfortable and Dr. Frazar has had extensive training to ensure her patient’s safety is taken care of and is of the utmost priority. We offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your anxiety level and what calming option is best for you. 


If nothing seems to help and you’re still stuck, we are a Safe Sedation Dentist, meaning Dr. Frazar has been specifically trained to provide sedation options in the office. Those range from oral sedation to nitrous oxide or IV sedation depending on the patient’s need. We also offer what’s called NuCalm therapy. This neurotechnology naturally relaxes the mind and body within minutes. It can also be used with patients who simply prefer a more comfortable trip to the dentist. It is a safe, all-natural, holistic option that doesn’t require a ride — you can drive yourself and go directly back to your daily routine after your visit. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help ease your dentophobia.