Dr. Frazar is Houston’s Cosmetic Dentist

Do you want whiter, straighter teeth? As Houston’s cosmetic dentist, Dr. Frazar can give you the smile of your dreams with simple cosmetic treatments like veneers and teeth whitening. Cutting-edge dental technology allows us to realign and brighten teeth faster than ever!

If you’re unhappy with your smile for any reason, schedule your appointment with Dr. Frazar at our Houston dental office. Dr. Frazar will evaluate your smile and discuss options for improving your smile’s appearance. Treatment plans vary according to the patient’s specific needs but may involve teeth bleaching or porcelain veneers. Learn more about our smile makeover procedures here:

Smile Makeover in Bellaire Houston, TX | The Huston Dentists | Dr. Frazar

Straight teeth

  • Veneers – By masking chips, cracks, stains, and crooked teeth, veneers will give you the straight, white teeth you never thought possible. Thin sheaths of porcelain lie directly over your existing teeth, and with the expert craftsmanship of a skilled Houston cosmetic dentist like Dr. Frazar, veneers appear totally natural. Porcelain veneers are a great solution for those who dislike the immature look of braces and don’t want to spend years undergoing traditional orthodontics.
  • Invisalign – With this state-of-the art aligning technology, you can have straight teeth in no time and maintain your professional image while doing it. Invisalign technology uses a series of clear trays to gradually straighten teeth. Clear, removable trays make Invisalign the most comfortable and convenient teeth straightening therapy available.
  • Six Month Braces – White wires and braces are fresh on the market! Finally, braces that look inconspicuous and work fast. Dr. Frazar uses Six Month Braces at her Houston dental office to give patients straight teeth without bulky, immature-looking metal braces.

White teeth

  • Teeth Bleaching – Patented Deep Bleaching by Rod Kurthy works by revitalizing your teeth’s natural ability to absorb oxygen. AquaBrite’s professional-strength teeth bleaching solution penetrates tooth enamel and releases the oxidizing agent to remove tough stains. With Deep Bleaching, Dr. Frazar can transform coffee, food, and tobacco discolorations into sparkling, white teeth. Take-home teeth bleaching trays will allow you to maintain your bright smile for months at a time.
  • Teeth Whitening – At our Houston dental office, we use Zoom! Whitening to whiten teeth up to 10 shades in a single office visit. In less than an hour, you can have the brilliant, white teeth you see on the faces of models and celebrities every day. We also offer at-home whitening trays that we custom design to fit snuggly over your teeth. With in-office and take-home teeth whitening, you’ll enjoy brilliant, white teeth indefinitely!
  • Porcelain Veneers – Did you know that porcelain veneers come in different shades? You can choose from bright white or a more natural-looking, pearly off-white. With porcelain veneers, Dr. Frazar can transform gray and tetracycline stained teeth (that don’t respond well to teeth bleaching) into gorgeous smiles. In just two visits to our Houston dental office, veneers will give you a bright, new smile.

If you’re ready to claim straight, white teeth that will make your smile shine, call our Houston dental office today to schedule your smile makeover consultation. As your cosmetic dentist, Dr. Frazar will transform your smile and boost your self-confidence.