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If you have jaw pain or migraine headaches, you may be suffering from a serious condition called TMJ. TMJ disorder is associated with temporomandibular joint pain. This joint pain can be debilitating and difficult to cope with. However, at The Houston Dentists, our dentists want to inform you about your options when it comes to temporomandibular joint pain treatment in Houston.

What is My Temporomandibular Joint and Why Does it Hurt?

Your temporomandibular joint is the jaw joint that enables you to open and close your mouth. This joint can be highly sensitive, and if damaged, it can cause severe headaches and jaw pain.

Damage and stress on this joint is known as TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder is caused by a displacement of the cartilage in the temporomandibular joint. When this occurs, pressure is put on the nerves surrounding your joint, causing severe pain.

How Do I Know If I Have TMJ?

There is a significant difference between TMJ and regular migraine headaches, yet some of the symptoms may be the same. If you have one or more of the following symptoms, you may be a victim of TMJ disorder.

    • Pain in and around your temple or cheek areas
    • Ear pain
    • Jaw clicking and popping
    • Locking of the jaw
    • Having sore jaw muscles
    • Having difficulty opening your mouth fully
    • Frequent neck aches
    • Frequent headaches

Only a trained TMJ doctor can truly diagnose whether or not you have pain as a result of temporomandibular joint damage, so if you have these symptoms, you should seek help.

What Can Cause Temporomandibular Joint Pain?

There are a number of factors that contribute to temporomandibular joint pain. Many of these causes are preventable, and alleviating this pain may come from simple lifestyle changes. Here are some of the causes of TMJ:

  • Bruxism, or grinding your teeth
  • High amounts of stress and other psychological factors
  • Trauma to your mouth or jaw area
  • Misalignment of your bite or jaw
  • The development of arthritis
  • Excessively chewing gum

As painful as TMJ disorder can be, temporomandibular joint pain treatment is readily available from your Houston TMJ dentist.

How Can a Houston Dentist Treat TMJ?

If you suspect that you have TMJ disorder, there are viable treatment options available. Our dentists here at The Houston Dentists would love to help you rid yourself of serious jaw pain. This is why our dentists offer comprehensive treatment options including:

  • A physiologic bite appliance
  • Stress relieving strategies
  • Addressing your symptoms and how to relieve them

We know that TMJ can be a painful disorder, and we would love to help you experience relief. Dr. Tom Hedge and Dr. Kathy Frazar are experienced Houston dentists, and they will be able to find the best strategy needed to help you find relief from TMJ disorder. If you’re interested in TMJ treatment in Houston call us today for a complimentary consultation at 713-701-1783.