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Houston dentists for LUMINEERS®, Dr. Kathy Frazar and Dr. Thomas Hedge, offer a unique, painless cosmetic dental solution to achieve a beautiful, flawless smile!

The many benefits of LUMINEERS from The Houston Dentists

  • LUMINEERS offer various benefits for patients. First off, LUMINEERS are a less expensive alternative to traditional porcelain veneers and other cosmetic dental procedures. On average, LUMINEERS can range from $500-$1,000 per tooth. To outweigh the costs (literally), you get near-immediate results (in two office visits), and a long-lasting cosmetic dental solution for an amazing smile.
  • Even though they are cost saving, LUMINEERS offer amazing and long-lasting results. Just how long will LUMINEERS last? Depending on several factors, LUMINEERS can last anywhere between 5-10 years. It is even recorded that LUMINEERS lasted 20 years for some patients! Practicing healthy at-home dental care, not grinding or clenching your teeth, and healthy lifestyle choices can all extend the duration of LUMINEERS.
  • Another extremely attractive feature is that LUMINEERS require a minimally invasive procedure. A thin porcelain material (called Cerinate Porcelain) is used to create the LUMINEERS solution, and is thinner than traditional porcelain veneers. It is actually comparable to the thickness of a contact lens.

Are LUMINEERS right for you?

  • Since they fit on top of your tooth, adaptations to your natural teeth are typically not necessary. Thus, drilling, numbing, and anesthesia are not required. Additionally, they are considered “prepless veneers” (and painless!) due to the decreased prep-work needed to customize your LUMINEERS.
  • The cosmetic dentists in Houston offer this reversible cosmetic dental procedure. This means that a patient can remove the LUMINEERS to expose the original smile, if he or she chooses to do so.
  • How do you know if you are the right candidate for LUMINEERS? Well, typically, patients with minor tooth imperfections (i.e. stained teeth, minor chipped teeth, spaces between teeth) are good candidates. Our top-notch Houston dentists can show you customized computerized images to ensure you will love your radiant, new LUMINEERS smile!

During your consultation, Dr. Frazar or Dr. Hedge can determine if LUMINEERS are the best solution to fit your cosmetic dental needs. Call them at 713-701-1783 to schedule your consultation!