At The Houston Dentists, we pride ourselves on keeping up with new trends in dentistry and discerning which ones are credible and merit more in-depth research to potentially bring to our practice. One of those is the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) that we’ve now been performing for more than five years. We recommend it to our patients who have receding gums (gingival recession). In our opinion, it’s better than the traditional connective tissue graft (or gum grafting) which should only be performed as a last result or for the few times when PST will not work. What makes PST better? For starters, it’s


  • Just as effective as a connective tissue graft 
  • Less invasive 
  • Less time consuming 
  • Less painful 


What’s the catch, you’re wondering? There isn’t one. The fact is, the procedure is newer than grafting and not many dentists are qualified to perform PST. In addition, PST will help strengthen the gums by covering exposed root surfaces. The result is additional protection against future cavities as well as reduced sensitivity on the tooth. 


If you are suffering from a receding gum line please do not let it get any worse. The majority of you don’t have to worry about painful tissue grafting anymore (you will, however, if you let the gums continue to recede to past the point when PST is no longer an option). Let one of our qualified dentists help you before your gums get any worse — which will most likely lead to a host of other problems, as well. 


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