Have you been considering straightening your teeth? When making a decision between traditional braces or Invisalign, there are a few considerations to think about. Invisalign has benefited my patients who qualify for dental treatment. Here are a few reasons why patients at Houston Dental choose to improve their smile with Invisalign instead of traditional braces.

Houston Dental Patients Choose Invisalign

Fix More Than Your Smile

Straight teeth can do more than improve your confidence and self-esteem. Invisalign can improve your overall health and help you live pain-free by allowing proper positioning of your lower and upper jaw. Misaligned jaws can cause pain, clicking and popping, or painful chewing. Improper chewing can inhibit proper digestion of food, which means you may not be getting the full nutritional value of your meals.

Having proper tooth positioning also means better bone and gum positioning. You can avoid complications as you age by using Houston’s best Invisalign to set yourself up for optimum oral health.

If you’ve suffered from sore facial muscles or grind your teeth, you may benefit from Invisalign. An Invisalign aligner can reprogram your facial muscles and help to relieve the symptoms of TMD.

Improved Oral Health

If you consistently have food between your teeth, you may have what’s called food impaction. Food impaction can make brushing and flossing properly more challenging. When food stays between your teeth, bacteria is allowed to grow and can harm your gums and teeth. Invisalign can facilitate better brushing and flossing so you can enjoy improved oral health.

With improved oral health, you can spend less time at your regular dental cleanings. Misaligned teeth are harder for our Houston dental hygienists to clean and floss. Teeth that are properly aligned are easier to clean and remove bacteria from.

Have Better Speech

The position of your teeth affects how you pronounce words. Invisalign can help you improve your speaking voice and phonetics, removing lisps or whistles from your speech.

Avoid the look of traditional braces

One of the best benefits of Houston Invisalign is the ability for patients to eat, drink, and live their lives normally without having to adjust to traditional braces. Invisalign aligner trays are removable and invisible when worn properly. The trays are comfortable and do not rub against gums or cause cheek abrasions.

At Houston Dental, we custom fit your Invisalign trays to fit your mouth precisely. Continue to eat the foods you love and smile confidently for pictures while you straighten your teeth.

Speed Up Treatment

At Houston dental, one of the best benefits patients report to us is the quick treatment time with Invisalign. Traditional braces require regular visits and wire adjustments. With Invisalign, patients simply need to pick up a new tray making treatment more flexible.

The results of Invisalign at Houston Dental speak for themselves. Improve your physical and oral health and so much more. Come get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted without sacrificing the things that you love.

Why Houston Dental Patients are Choosing Invisalign?
It is because Houston Dental is one of the best dental clinic in the area. Also choosing invisalign is Safe and Removable.