Finding a trusted source for your cosmetic dentistry is important. But how or where do you start? If you want more than teeth whitening, you’ll want to know this information (although it’s still a good idea to find out some of this). 


With cosmetic dentistry being a service The Houston Dentists has offered for more than 30 years, we can help answer all of your questions.

  1. How to choose a cosmetic dentist?


You want to find a cosmetic dentist with an excellent track record. This means someone with positive references from patients and who is experienced in the treatment you seek. This dentist should also hold advanced degrees such as Fellowship at the Academy of General Dentistry and the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics, as well as LVI training and, have proof of their continued education. 


  1. What should you expect during a consultation for cosmetic dentistry?


  • You want to feel comfortable. 
  • You should feel listened to.
  • Ask to see before/after examples
  • You should not feel rushed during the consultation. Take your time to ask questions. 
  • A proper consultation will also include questions to you from the practice such as:
    • your age
    • dental history
    • the reasons why you’re requesting a specific procedure
    • insurance/finances


  1. Should you base your decision on quality vs cost?


As in all things, products vary in cost due to the type of materials used. You can find dentists who use inferior materials for cosmetic dentistry but those never last as long and might cause even more problems for you. Plus, these dentists most likely have less training. 


At The Houston Dentists, we share with you every step of the way what we’re doing and why as well as what type of materials we’re using for your smile makeover and why. 


  1. Find out about fit and function.


Along with your beautiful new smile, you’ll want your teeth and mouth to function properly. This means you want to be sure your cosmetic dentist is able to fit your treatment properly so it’s not damaged by wear and tear from improper alignment. Ask your prospective cosmetic dentist if they are able to provide function as well as beauty. If not, you may spend more in the future when the makeover has to be replaced sooner than expected. 



  1. What if the dentist recommends a different procedure than what you requested?


Sometimes a patient’s request may not be the correct treatment for them. After listening to your desires, our experienced dentists might suggest an alternate solution after looking into your oral history and request. At The Houston Dentists, we educate patients and share the pros and cons of the various cosmetic treatments available so you can make an informed decision and feel more comfortable and confident overall. 


Now, that you know, be sure and contact us for a consultation.