Those who find out they have gum disease often ask Dr. Thomas Hedge or Dr. Kathy Frazar at The Houston Dentists, “Do I need gum surgery?” The next questions typically involves how much surgery will hurt and what the recovery period will be like. In some cases, there are non-surgical options that can help treat gum disease. Where surgery is a must, you’ll be happy to know that at The Houston Dentists, LANAP® laser gum surgery is available. This method of periodontal treatment has a number of advantages over traditional gum surgery. LANAP® stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure and it can be dramatically different from traditional laser surgery for many reasons.

Benefits of LANAP Laser Gum Surgery


The LANAP® protocol uses the LANAP®MVP-7™ and this is the only laser approved by the FDA for eliminating bacteria. It doesn’t lower your gum line and because it doesn’t require sutures, there’s a much faster recovery time. In most cases, ninety per cent of the bacteria in the mouth can be removed in just one painless treatment. Laser gum surgery isn’t just good for periodontal disease, either. It’s also helpful in a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures offered at the Bellaire dental office of The Houston Dentists.

Benefits of Treating Gum Disease at The Houston Dentists


Dr. Kathy Frazar and Dr. Thomas Hedge and their team are one of the few dental offices in Bellaire with the PerioLase® laser gum surgery option to help dramatically improve your gum health. Gum disease is increasingly being found as linked to increased risk for serious health issues such as heart disease, stroke, and other illnesses as well as being responsible for tooth loss. Laser gum surgery is also a popular alternative for many pregnant women and for those with bleeding disorders who would be at great risk during traditional gum surgery. Because The Houston Dentists offer gum surgery following the LANAP® protocol, this could open the door to increased oral and overall health for you. Talk to us for more information. New patients and potential laser gum surgery candidates should call (713) 668-7137. If you are already a patient at The Houston Dentists, please call (713) 668-7137 for an appointment.