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If you’re in the Houston area and looking for straighter teeth without the “metal mouth” look, you’re in the right place!

Our cosmetic dentists, Dr. Tom Hedge and Dr. Kathy Frazar, are highly qualified Invisalign® providers and would love the opportunity to help you decide if these clear aligners are right for you.

Trained, Experienced Providers

Results with Invisalign can vary depending on the skill of your dentist or orthodontist. That’s why you need to make sure that you’re working with a trained and experienced Invisalign provider. Dr. Hedge and Dr. Frazar both are Invisalign Preferred Providers, which means that they have achieved a significant level of Invisalign training and case experience.

This level of experience also means that they are highly qualified to determine who will and will not benefit from Invisalign. Although the system works for a wide range of malocclusions, some tooth movements simply are not possible with plastic aligners.

Our dentists will always tell you when you have a better option!

High-Tech Dentistry

  • In our modern dentistry practice, we use 3-D computer imaging technology to show you exactly how your teeth will move over the course of your 1- to 2-year treatment.
  • Many of our patients are more comfortable investing in a dental procedure when they see how beautiful their new smile will be.
  • The technology used to customize your alignment trays also is quite advanced. Each tray is designed to move your teeth to a specific position, progressively adjusting them until they reach the ideal alignment.
  • The trays are made of smooth, BPA-free plastic that will not irritate your teeth and gums like metal does.

Happy Patients

Our results truly speak for themselves. We invite you to visit our Smile Gallery, or stop by and ask us for before and after photos of previous Invisalign patients; and if Invisalign isn’t right for you, we can discuss many other cosmetic dentistry options to achieve your ideal smile.

If you’re in the Houston area, contact us to schedule an appointment with our Invisalign providers today.