If you think you need dentures but are interested in alternatives, consider dental implants. Some people believe that they need dentures because they cannot afford dental implants or because they are not a good candidate. When investigating your options for dentures or implants, be sure to also consider implant supported dentures, which are a combination of both solutions with many of the benefits of dental implants.

What are Implant Supported Dentures?


Implant supported dentures involve strategically placed dental implants that support a denture plate that means you can have dentures that are not removable. This could be an alternative when you need to replace every tooth on the top or the bottom. Instead of a dental implant for each tooth, the implant supported dentures are strategically placed to hold your dentures. There are some great advantages to implant supported dentures when compared to removable dentures, including the fact that they do not have to be removed for cleaning and that they don’t make embarrassing clicking noises. They’re stable, too, which eliminates complaints many dentures have about dentures making eating difficult, at times. Options include bar retained and ball retained options. A skilled Bellaire dentist can determine the optimum placement as well as help you understand if any advanced procedures, such as bone grafting, extractions, or other preparations are required.

The Houston Dentists: Bellaire Dentists Who Provide Numerous Options


While weighing your options between the need for dentures, implants, and denture supported implants, such as All-on-4 custom implants, consider meeting with Dr. Kathy Frazar and Dr. Thomas Hedge at The Houston Dentists. The team can be reached at (713) 668-7137. An assessment can determine your needs and eligibility for dental implants, implant supported dentures, or you can look at dentures options as an alternative. Our team is happy to help you explore your questions as well as provide information about costs for dentures, dental implants, and implant-supported dentures, such as an All-on-4 custom implant solution. Talk to us today for details that can help you get on your way to a healthier and better-fitting smile, no matter which solution you choose.