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Did you ever wish you could design your own smile from scratch? Maybe you want straighter teeth that are also whiter, and you also want to reduce the amount of gum that shows when you smile? Well, you can participate in your own smile design, starting with a consultation with our cosmetic dentists in Houston.

Customize Your Smile Design

During your initial consultation, Dr. Frazar or Dr. Hedge will discuss your health history and what you want your smile to look like. We use cutting-edge technology to simulate your smile, allowing you to preview your new look and make changes before we start.

Based on your unique circumstances and desires, our cosmetic dentists determine which of our services will best meet your smile design needs, such as:

  • Veneers. Lumineers are a popular brand of prepless veneers. Because they require no preparation of the teeth, the procedure is pain-free. Prepless veneers usually require only about a 72-hour turnaround, so they are one of the faster ways to completely transform your smile.
  • Invisalign™. While these clear braces are a more long-term solution to teeth straightening (most patients wear them for 1-2 years), you may be able to whiten your teeth while you straighten them. Be sure to ask our dentists about your teeth whitening options.
  • Six-Month Smiles. For patients who are primarily concerned with straightening the teeth that show when they smile, and don’t require a bite realignment, then Six-Month Smiles™ might be the way to go. Like Invisalign™, these braces are nearly invisible, but because they primarily focus on moving the front teeth, the treatment can be completed in as little as six months.
  • Deep bleaching. For our patients with dark, tough stains, sometimes deep bleaching is the only way to achieve a sparkling smile. These stubborn stains often are caused by smoking, the medication tetracycline or simply the aging process. Deep bleaching is a safe, two-week process that combines in-office treatment with take-home products. If whitening your deeply stained teeth is part of your smile design, then deep bleaching might meet your needs.
  • Gum lift. If you have a low or uneven gum line, a cosmetic gum lift can help improve the appearance of your smile. Our gentle dentists use a soft-tissue laser to re-contour the gum lines, making your teeth appear longer and more even.

Design Your Dream Smile

We will always work with you to transform your smile, and leave you feeling like a new person. Call our award-winning cosmetic dentists today for a complimentary consultation, and get started on designing your own smile.