Your Houston Sedation Dentist Dr. Kathy Frazar Understands Dental Phobia

For most people who are nervous, our team’s friendly manner, comfort amenities, and gentle approach to dentistry – in which we talk patients through their procedures, treat them at their own pace, and stop when they ask us – are enough to help our patients feel relaxed. For a fearful few, however, no amenities or gentleness can ease their jittery feelings. For those patients, Dr. Frazar offers sedation dentistry, also known as sleep dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is effective and extremely safe. Dr. Frazar prescribes a sedative medication that is applied, inhaled, or ingested just before your treatment. While you won’t be unconscious, you will feel sleepy, comfortable, and pain-free while we provide the treatments you need.

We usually offer sedation dentistry to patients undergoing complex or extensive treatments, but Dr. Frazar may recommend it if you want to repair or enhance your smile despite your fear. She also offers sedation dentistry to patients who want to have several treatments done in one visit. The type of sedation you need depends on the extent of your fear and complexity of the procedure. Dr. Frazar can recommend the following treatments in our Bellaire dental office:

Local Anesthesia

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Local anesthesia is one of the most popular methods dentists use to numb a patient. Dr. Frazar can give you anesthesia as an injection or swab a topical anesthetic gel on the treatment area. Depending on the type and amount, you may feel numb for as little as five minutes or up to three hours after your treatment.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

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With nitrous oxide, we place a small inhaler over your nose. At first, this provides pure oxygen for you to breathe. After a few minutes, we’ll introduce nitrous oxide into the oxygen flow. Most patients say that nitrous makes them feel light-headed and comfortably warm throughout the appointment. While we treat you, you’ll be completely conscious. At the end of our treatment, we’ll give you oxygen again so that you can leave our practice feeling clear-headed.

Oral Sedation

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Oral sedation is ideal if you don’t like needles. With this method, Dr. Frazar prescribes a sedative pill that you’ll take before your visit. Someone will need to help you arrive at our office, as you will be very drowsy. Once here, members of our team will escort you to our operatory and monitor your vital signs. While you won’t be completely unconscious, you’ll be very relaxed and probably won’t realize when the appointment has started. Once complete, your companion can escort you home to relax.

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