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If you’ve already had a dental implant, there are still risks of that implant failing. Sometimes your implant will lose its grip on your existing bone tissue, causing this implant to fail. You may be worried that there is no hope of saving your dental implant, however this is not the case.

Even if you have a failing implant, you can replace your implants with a quality implants dentist.

If you’re looking for Houston dentists for failing implants, Dr. Tom Hedge and Dr. Kathy Frazar would love to help you. They would certainly like to give you the facts about failing implants, and show you how your implant can be replaced or saved.

Why is My Implant Failing?

A failing implant results from a degeneration of the bone structure surrounding your tooth. The degeneration of the bone structure stems from periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, seriously harms your bone structure. This infection of the gum tissue can transfer into the structure surrounding your bones, causing weakness and degeneration.

In this case, an implant can fail because of the weakness of your bone structure, causing the implant to lose its grip.

Who Should Restore My Implant?

If you’re looking for a dentist to restore implants, you need a dentist who has practiced training– you need a periodontist.

A periodontist is best suited to restore or replace your implants because:

  • A periodontist is a doctor in gum tissue and bone structure.
  • Because of this specialization, a periodontist can best treat dental implants and restore dental implants

How Can My Implant Be Restored?

If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to renew your implant because of periodontal disease, don’t worry. A periodontist can reverse this situation. There are several ways a periodontist can help through a complex and effective implant restoration process.

A periodontist can save an implant by:

  • Opening a flap with a scalpel and trying to luxate the implant.
  • If it is too solid, a dentist can use a LANAP protocol to disinfect the surface of the implant.
  • The dentist will then provide a thick fibrin blood clot to promote bone regeneration.
  • He or she can complete the treatment with the PerioLase® MVP-7™ in a hemostasis setting.
  • In a few months time, the patient can have a 100% regenerated bone, and an implant that is restorable.

Through these precision techniques, a periodontist can give a patient a completely restored implant in order to keep a patient’s smile healthy!

Houston Dentists for Implant Restoration

If you’re looking for a dentist to save your implant, we would love to help you.

We have a resident periodontist, Dr. Raouf Hanna, on staff to treat periodontal disease and restore implants. He prides himself on providing patients with high-quality implants, implant restoration, and periodontal treatments.

Our doctors would be glad to give you the implants treatment you need. If you need to replace an implant, call our offices at 713-701-1783 for a complimentary consultation.