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As you may have experienced already, there are some dental treatments that do not last 100% perfectly throughout your entire lifetime. Just like owning a car—you have to perform scheduled maintenance and repairs in order for your car to last many, many years. Well, with dental veneers, for instance, they too require maintenance and minimal repairs every once in a while.

Why do some veneers need replacement?

  • Veneers typically last anywhere from 12-20 years, depending on your at-home oral hygiene regime and your eating habits.
  • However, with normal wear and tear that occurs after several years, your veneers, as well as your surrounding teeth, can incur slight damage. That’s where our highly skilled dentists come to your rescue—Dr. Hedge and Dr. Frazar can redo or replace your veneers!
  • In addition to normal wear and tear, either the normal tooth structure (underneath your porcelain veneer) or the bonding cement can become darkened, while the porcelain veneer remains stain-free.
  • Discoloration can happen from consuming dark-colored beverages (colas, tea, coffee, red wine) and by using tobacco products. Such discoloration can make your veneers look unattractive and unappealing to the naked eye, which is why our dentists replace your veneers so you can once again enjoy the gorgeous attributes of veneers.

Veneers replacement vs. teeth whitening methods

  • If discoloration appears in this situation, you should consider veneers replacement.
  • Countless dentists and cosmetic dentists around the world agree that teeth-whitening methods are not effective when you have porcelain veneers. Actually, it’s possible you can even do harm to your veneers if you try to whiten them, leading to a dull, less attractive appearance.
  • On the same note, if your veneers become dull (not discolored) after 12-20 years, typically the only way to ameliorate this is with veneers replacement. If you would like your veneers to be whiter, we can choose the best shade during the replacement process.
  • So, instead of whitening porcelain veneers on your own, you can ask us if replacing your veneers is the best option.

We have your solution!

When you have had veneers for a long duration of time, you may or may not experience such signs as mentioned. Rest assured, if you do, our dentists have the solution! We have the experience to replace your veneers, whether they were initially placed by us or by a different dentist.

You and your family’s dental health are in excellent hands with Dr. Hedge and Dr. Frazar. Call our Houston dental office today with any questions you have or to schedule an appointment!