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A gummy smile or uneven gum line can completely change the appearance of your face. Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Kathy Frazar, as well as Dr. Tom Hedge, have years of experience transforming gummy smiles into beautiful, even, toothy grins.

A gummy smile—a smile that consists of too much of your gums and not enough of your teeth showing—can be a source of embarrassment and decreased self confidence.

A smile is an important part of how confident you feel in your appearance, which is why if you have a gummy smile or an uneven gum line, it may be worth considering a cosmetic gum lift. You have beautiful teeth hidden under your gums, and a cosmetic gum lift is an easy procedure that can help you show them off.

What is a cosmetic gum lift?

  • A gum lift is also known as gingival contouring, or crown lengthening, and involves the removal and/or contouring of gum tissue to reveal more of the teeth. Gum lifts are used to create symmetry and make the teeth appear larger, whiter, and more attractive all around.
  • Gum lifts were previously used specifically to treat gum disease, but in recent years, they have become a common cosmetic dentistry procedure. Your cosmetic dentist can now fix gummy smiles with a simple procedure that reshapes the gums and instantly makes the teeth appear larger, more even, and more shapely.

Using Soft Tissue Lasers: Less Invasive, Less Pain

  • In the past, gum lifts were extremely painful, even traumatic procedures, particularly because scalpels were used. Nowadays, though, dentists are using soft-tissue lasers to perform gum lifts, and are seeing beautiful results that are much less painful to attain.
  • The recovery period after a laser gum lift is short, and patients usually only require over-the-counter painkillers; while the results are drastic and impressive, the procedure isn’t one that will cause you to take time out of your schedule to heal.
  • The benefit of using a laser for a gum lift is that the laser seals the gums, eliminating the need for stitches, and greatly decreasing the amount of bleeding. The healing time is also significantly shorter after a gum lift with a laser. Furthermore, gum lifts with a laser are much gentler, and much less invasive.

Want to Fix Your Gummy Smile?

You shouldn’t have to live with a gummy smile that makes you uncomfortable with your appearance. If you have a gummy smile and are interested in finding out if you are a good candidate for a gum lift, schedule a consultation with our Houston cosmetic dentists to discuss your options.

Dr. Frazar and Dr. Hedge want to help you transform your gummy smile into the smile of your dreams!