While the main reason behind cosmetic dentistry remains steady (smile makeovers), every few years or so the type of cosmetic procedure requested from patients changes. A lot of that has to do with how the economy is faring. For example, when stimulus checks were plenty we saw an influx of people wanting to splurge a little on themselves. And we had many patients requesting veneer treatments (which are Dr. Frazar’s favorite type of cosmetic dentistry). Currently, more patients are requesting tooth whitening and/or orthodontics with clear aligners. 


And while requests for veneers have slowed, they’re still what people ask for — even though it may not be what they need. For instance, if a patient is missing teeth, needs a root canal, or implants, veneers will not be the solution. Using the word veneers to cover all things cosmetic in dentistry has become as common as saying pasta to mean any type of noodle. 


A common misconception when it comes to veneers is that we can just pop them on with little to no prep work. Sure, there are dentists who offer same-day veneers or minimal-prep but those will never be as natural-looking and are frankly, often too big for your mouth. At The Houston Dentists, we educate patients who come in asking for veneers on their options such as whitening and/or orthodontal when we know veneers may not be the right treatment. Once patients know the pros and cons of the varied different cosmetic treatments, they can then make an informed decision and feel more comfortable and confident overall. 


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