Perio Protect tray

Perio Protect Perio Tray

Bacteria. It’s everywhere — especially in your mouth. Some of that bacteria is good but much of it is not and it’s a continuous, endless battle dentists fight to save your oral hygiene. 


People with periodontal disease (think gum infection and inflammation) have an even harder time keeping the bad bacteria at bay and are more susceptible to infection and disease. The healthier you and your mouth are the better your entire body is at fighting off other infections — including those that are viral (yes, even COVID-19). It’s why we sound like a broken record every time you visit, imploring you to brush and floss daily. And it’s why we’re so thorough in removing every speck of plaque we find. Just like the simple task of washing your hands can help keep viruses at bay, so does brushing and flossing. 


However, once the bacteria break through your gum line it tunnels into places that brushing and flossing cannot manage. Left untreated and without proper maintenance, gum disease can lead to infections and a host of other issues including tooth loss, diabetes, heart disease, and more. And while we can do a lot to improve your gums, there is only so much we can do in the office. 


If your oral health is at stake from periodontal disease, we will recommend a daily, at-home treatment with the FDA-approved Perio Protect Perio Trays®, a product that we’ve successfully worked with for several years and have seen numerous patients improve their oral, and overall, health with proper, daily use of this product. This product’s prescription trays, fitted specifically for your mouth deliver medication deep below the gums to fight the bacteria causing disease and infections. Using these trays and its Perio Gel® peroxide medication may also reduce the risk of oral transmission of coronavirus and other viruses.


“Perio Protect has been a lifesaver for our patients,” said Dr. Frazar. “This single product has transformed how we can help prevent periodontal disease from taking hold and causing more and more damage to a person’s mouth and overall well-being.”