Gum disease hurts your heath in a lot of ways. Gum disease can hurt pregnancy, too. Low birth weight and premature delivery are two of the potential risks of gum disease during pregnancy. Along with those risks can include a plethora of issues related to premature birth. Dealing with gum disease before pregnancy is ideal but dealing with gum disease during pregnancy may also be possible. Here at The Houston Dentists in Uptown Houston, our team is well-versed in helping pregnant women maintain good oral health and in treating gum disease.

Gum Disease and Pregnancy


Gum disease is an active infection that is not only in your mouth but that enters your bloodstream. If you don’t have gum disease before pregnancy you can develop gingivitis and other signs of gum disease during pregnancy due to changes in your body. Beyond good oral care, periodontal treatments specifically for pregnant women, could be extremely helpful in easing discomfort and in lowering the risk of the infection causing premature delivery and other complications.

Seeing a Periodontist During Pregnancy: Uptown Houston Periodontal Treatments


If you are planning on becoming pregnant, a dental checkup and thorough cleaning beforehand is ideal for ensuring that gum disease or other issues don’t put your pregnancy or oral health at risk. If you are pregnant and are experiencing bleeding gums, dental pain, or other oral health problems, speak to the dentists and periodontists at The Houston Dentists. Drs. Frazar, Hedge, and their periodontal team in Uptown Houston can assess your situation to determine the best way to deal with your oral health issues while also minimizing the risk to your pregnancy. We also offer laser gum surgery, which is often considered a good alternative to gum surgery by pregnant women. Make an appointment at (713) 668-7137 to review your options.