Do you wish that you can experience the benefits of veneers, but you are worried about affording them? Do you want a flawless smile, but cringe when you think about the related costs? Well, if you want high-quality, long-lasting veneers, then you can take advantage of our porcelain veneers financing options at our Houston dental office!

Going to the dentist might make some people fearful or scared, whereas others may become disheartened by the cost of dental services. However, at our dental office, getting an amazing, Hollywood smile is worth every penny!

Our top-notch veneers results prove their worth!

At our dental office, you can feel confident that you are receiving the best of the best, from our cutting-edge dental technology, to our relaxing office amenities. Just remember, that by opting for dental veneers, you are paying for an amazing smile solution with impressive, long-term benefits—veneers can last 5-15 years with proper dental care!

As you know, all amazing solutions come with a price tag—except our porcelain veneers financing options make that easier for you! We offer several financing solutions to fit any budget and to meet your needs.

Veneers financing options available in Houston

  • So if you are worried about affording our dental veneers, we are flexible in accepting many forms of payment (all major credit cards, check, cash), as well as third-party financing options from a reputable company called CareCredit.
  • CareCredit makes it extremely possible to afford your porcelain veneers with interest-free payment plans, and interest plans with extended payoff options to suit your financial needs.
  • If you are unsure which company best suits your needs, one of our knowledgeable office team members will be happy to assist you in making that decision, and also providing support to fill out the applications.

Dental insurance information

  • Also, if you have dental insurance, one of our friendly team members will file your insurance claim for you. Our office employees are trained to answer any insurance-related questions you have, so feel free to ask them!
  • Something to keep in mind: to potentially cover a fraction of dental-related costs, your dental insurance might contribute a certain, small amount of the total cost.
  • Even though this is uncommon with dental veneers, some of our patients have received small insurance contributions, but we cannot guarantee coverage.
  • Although, if you are receiving veneers due to an accident, then your insurance might cover some of these reconstructive dental costs.
  • Just remember that most insurance plans are vastly different, though.

Our veneers outweigh the associated costs!

Once you learn more about veneers, you will see that the benefits of our veneers far outweigh the costs—literally! We want you to know that we are committed to providing you with the utmost professionalism and exceptional dental care. Actually, we insist on utilizing the finest resources, and top-of-the-line technology, all while you consume yourself in our relaxing, luxurious spa-like office amenities. Our cosmetic dentists want to ensure you that your dental health is in great hands with us!

Schedule your consultation today!

If you’re interested in porcelain veneers, and would like to know more about the cost of veneers, we encourage you to schedule your consultation today with Dr. Tom Hedge or Dr. Kathy Frazar. You can take advantage of our porcelain veneers financing options at our Houston office so that you can enjoy your magnificent dream smile as soon as possible!