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Routine dental checkups are crucial for maintaining healthy gums and teeth. In addition, at-home oral care is just as important to upkeep your healthy, beautiful smile. Brushing and flossing everyday, along with eating a healthy diet and reducing intake of sugary beverages are the recommended at-home oral care basics.

However, between regular dental checkups, many forms of bacteria grow very quickly in your mouth. Banishing harmful bacteria is vital for ongoing healthy mouths, but how do you do this?

Perio Protect for Houston residents

  • Houston dentists, Dr. Hedge and Dr. Frazar, offer Perio Protect trays to care for your gums and teeth between checkups. This tool provides patients with a non-invasive method to combat harmful bacteria that can lead to various forms of periodontal disease.
  • The Perio Protect Method TM helps patients manage and destroy oral bacteria between dentist visits.
  • To start, our dentists will evaluate your specific condition, and customize removable Perio Protect trays for your teeth. Then, the dentist will prescribe a non-harmful chemical solution to add to the trays, which will dissolve bacteria that grow between your teeth and gum tissue. It’s that simple!

Daily treatment of oral bacteria

  • Patients who choose the Perio Protect Method need only a few minutes everyday to banish oral bacteria. Daily treatment of oral bacteria is key to keeping your mouth healthy.
  • The results of the Perio Protect Method are healthy gums, and decreased chances of periodontal disease.
  • Your Houston Perio Protect dentists are knowledgeable and trained to deliver this customized and highly effective method to promote healthy gums.
  • Using this method will lessen your chances of invasive procedures to get rid of periodontal disease that might form in response to bacteria.

Don’t leave bacteria untreated

  • If bacteria are left untreated, oral bacterial infections can spread to your body by entering your blood stream; thus, creating serious health concerns.
  • In fact, research found linkages between oral bacteria and respiratory disease, blood clots, stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammation, and adverse birth consequences.

To take advantage of the Perio Protect trays we offer to our Houston patients, call us immediately to schedule your appointment.