Ozone is oxygen with a third oxygen molecule. It kills bacteria, viruses, and funguses, but not human cells. It also stimulates the human body and boosts the immune system. We will use it to stop decay, sensitivity, kill gum disease bugs, treat TMJ, and sterilize our equipment. It will also stimulate your immune system and increase your body’s ability to carry oxygen.

Ozone is not very stable and oxidizes very quickly. We have our own ozone generators that produce ozonated water gas and oils. We use the water to irrigate the mouth and tissues and to sterilize instruments and surfaces. We use the gas to bath teeth with desensitization and to reverse cavities. We also flow the gas into gum pockets to kill gum disease causing bacteria. The gas can also be injected into soft tissues to combat infection and stimulate the tissue.

Ozone Biological in Bellaire Houston, TX | The Huston Dentists | Dr. Frazar

We can put ozone into the body through a process called auricular insufflation. This process flows the ozone gas into your ears, allowing it to be absorbed by the body. This will boost immune function. It is also a great way to get the healing ozone into and near the TMJ.

Ozone also arrests decay. It is like a decay vaccine. Remember sealants? Ozone can be used in the same way. A beginning area of decay, when treated with ozone will stop decaying and the minerals in your saliva will remineralize the decayed tooth. No shot, no drilling, no filling.