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Most people are not aware of the criticality of Oral DNA Testing for a healthy mouth and gums. If you ever contracted gum disease in the past, maybe you have undergone this test if your dentist or periodontist was equipped with the necessary resources. For those of you who steered clear of periodontal disease thus far, Oral DNA Testing might just save your life!

How to get tested

  • Getting tested is easy at our Houston dental office. We work with Oral DNA® Labs to process your tests, and then we obtain your results from their highly skilled technicians. Most of all, all of our Oral DNA Tests are non-invasive.
  • Simply stated, the ultimate purpose of Oral DNA Testing is to detect the types of bacteria that are breeding in your mouth, as well as genetic predispositions for periodontal infections, and the presence of the HPV virus. There are three separate tests that give our dentists this crucial information.

Three tests

  • The first test, MyPerioPath® test, detects different types of bacteria located in your mouth. Gaining this information helps us learn if you are more prone to specific types of periodontal disease and/or tooth decay.
  • Second, we individually screen our patients using the MyPerioID® PST® test. These results help us determine which patients are genetically predisposed to periodontal infections. Knowing this information is vital for early detection and treatment.
  • The last test offered is the OraRisk® HPV test. This test is a critical investigation to determine if the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) virus is unknowingly lingering in your mouth. Without getting tested and treated early on, HPV can progress to oral cancer.

Fight bacteria and gum disease

  • All in all, if you have periodontal disease symptoms, Oral DNA Testing detects if bacteria linked to those conditions are present.
  • Furthermore, specific bacteria has been linked to other symptoms such as chronic gum disease, halitosis (constant bad breath), and chronic infections. The tests’ results help our dentists treat any dental issue you have with more precision, knowledge, and more effectiveness.
  • If the test detects any bacteria, then antibiotics and other treatments are recommended to ward off the harmful bacteria.

Instead of just wondering if you will be one of the statistics of periodontal disease, be sure of it by utilizing our safe and effective Oral DNA Testing. Call our dentists in Houston today for your free consultation at 713-668-7137!