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You have many options to enhance your smile, from straightening your teeth with Invisalign to teeth whitening and deep bleaching. But no technique can match the results of beautiful, natural looking porcelain veneers.

Strength And Beauty

We expect the same things of our teeth as we do of ourselves: strength and beauty. Porcelain has many positive qualities that make it the ideal veneers material:

  • Translucency: Tooth enamel is translucent, which means that light can enter it and be reflected back out. Porcelain has this same characteristic. In fact, today’s porcelain materials can be blended to precisely match the translucency and color of the surrounding teeth, creating a natural looking smile.
  • Stain-resistance: Unlike natural tooth enamel or resin, porcelain is a non-porous material, so it generally does not stain. The glazing process by which veneers are finished also protects them from stains. So, porcelain veneers are not only natural looking – they improve on nature!
  • Durability: Today’s porcelain is the strongest material available to cosmetic dentists, aside from metal, and the chemical bonding process creates a strong adhesion that can last as long as 20 years or more.

A New Smile in Days

Aside from the aesthetics, veneers can be a more time-efficient process than some other, more long-term solutions. In most cases, patients can have their new set of porcelain veneers in just two visits. And you’ll actually leave your first appointment with a set of temporary veneers so you can try out your new smile.

Preview Your Smile

If you’re considering porcelain veneers, but you’re not sure they will be as natural looking as you would like, ask for a diagnostic wax up or digital imaging to show you how your new smile would look. Digital imaging is a computer program that allows us to manipulate a digital photograph of your current smile to demonstrate how veneers would change the appearance of your teeth.

Our cosmetic dentists are eager to show you just how beautiful your smile can be! Schedule a consultation today, and we’ll help you decide whether porcelain veneers are the right option to give you the natural looking, radiant smile you want!