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For a number of reasons, many of our Houston patients decide they want to replace unsightly and potentially unsafe metal dental work with modern aesthetic restorations.

Not only are mercury-free fillings considered safer, they can also be tinted to match your tooth color, making your smile more natural-looking. This involves finding a dentist in Houston for mercury-free dentistry services.

Are Mercury Fillings Safe?

  • Amalgam fillings – often called “silver fillings” – contain a mixture of gold or silver, mercury, and other metals. While this combination has been used by dental practices for hundreds of years, there have always been some who have been concerned about the potential health issues caused by mercury vapor leaking into the body.
  • A 2009 FDA report found dental amalgam fillings safe, but others have questioned the FDA’s position, citing potential problems caused by mercury fillings.
  • Be sure to ask your dentist about the latest research on the effects of mercury in fillings. While opinions about their safety vary widely, if your dentist is not sympathetic to your health concerns, then he or she likely is not the right dentist for you.

What are the alternatives?

  • By filling cavities with safe, durable composite resin, The Houston Dentists completely avoid the dangers associated with mercury poisoning.
  • In addition to filling all new cavities with composite resin, Dr. Hedge and Dr. Frazar can replace older amalgam fillings.

What are the risks involved in removing amalgam?

  • Removing dental amalgam can create dust and vapor that is inhaled by the patient and dental office staff. Regardless of your dentist’s view of the toxicity of this level of mercury exposure, he or she should know the precautions that will minimize any risks.
  • If your dentist is uninformed about the proper protocol for removing dental amalgam fillings, find a mercury-free dentist in your area.

We are experienced providers of mercury-free dentistry. Call us today to schedule a consultation about removing your mercury amalgam fillings.