Sedation dentistry is the most appropriate for those who have real fear and anxiety about going to the dentist.  You are probably thinking that is just about everyone but there are some who don’t have to have sedation.

Here are some people that sedation might be good for:

  • those who have a very low pain threshold
  • those who have trouble sitting still in the dentist chair
  • those who have a bad gag reflex
  • people with sensitive teeth
  • those who may have a large amount of dental work to be completed
Is Sedation for You in Bellaire Houston, TX | The Huston Dentists | Dr. Frazar

Sometimes children are given sedation if they have a terrible fear or they become uncooperative during a visit.  This can be addressed most of the time with Nitros Oxide which just about any dentist can administer.  A smaller percentage of pediatric dentist can administer oral sedation.

Many times people get over their fears after a few visits when they see the doctor and the staff are going to take really good care of them and make them as comfortable as possible.  That is why, in our office, we offer a wide variety of comfort solutions such as temperpedic dental chairs, noise cancellation head phones, televisions in front of you and on the ceiling and so much more.  Our office doesn’t even smell like a traditional dental office.

We would love to have you come by and discuss your dental needs with us today and talk about sedation dentistry and how it could help you.  To set up a free consultation call our office today at 713.668.7137.