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Many people experience problems with an overactive gag reflex. Dr. Kathy Frazar and Dr. Tom Hedge are hyperactive gag reflex treatment doctors in Houston, TX that are focusing on treating this problem. If you suffer from this condition, and would like to schedule a consultation to discuss treatment options, then we encourage you to contact us today at 713-668-7137.

What is an overactive gag reflex?

  • An overactive or hyperactive gag reflex is often characterized by the feeling of something being lodged or stuck in the back of the throat. This often causes a seemingly involuntary gagging reflex that can interfere with your daily life.
  • Many people suffer from a slightly hyperactive gag reflex, but if your problem has reached a point where it interferes with your daily life, then it is time to see a gag reflex treatment doctor.

When does this happen?

  • Many people report their overactive gag reflex normally occurring when they smell or taste something that is strong or unappealing. While this is natural to a certain extent, it can develop into a serious problem if not resolved immediately.
  • Some individuals report an overactive gag reflex during exercise sessions. In fact, it has impaired people from running, swimming, weight lifting, and other strenuous physical activities.

How The Houston Dentists can help

Top Houston dentist Dr. Kathy Frazar has experience in treating patients with an overactive gag reflex. It typically does not require any complex or dangerous procedures, and noticeable improvements can occur in a matter of weeks.

If you feel that your gag reflex is out of control, then you need to seek treatment immediately. Call us today to schedule your consultation and discuss your gag reflex treatment options.