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Houston cosmetic dentists, Dr. Kathy Frazar and Dr. Tom Hedge, are experienced with helping people overcome their past dental experiences. They know that too many patients have had unpleasant or even traumatic experiences with dentists in the past, so they’re constantly implementing ways to alleviate their fears and put them at ease.

They strive to make their patients comfortable during their visits and, most importantly, happy with their results afterward.

But what if you weren’t just scarred emotionally from a past dentist’s office? What if you were actually left with dental problems due to a dentist’s mistake(s)?

The Houston Dentists can fix your problems

  • It’s not uncommon for Dr. Frazar or Dr. Hedge to see a patient who has undergone unnecessary or improper treatments from another dentist.
  • The results of these mistakes range from merely unattractive to painful.
  • The main reason these mistakes happen is because once a dentist is licensed, he or she can perform cosmetic dentistry procedures, regardless of whether he or she is accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.
  • This means you could have someone who doesn’t really have extensive knowledge of cosmetic dentistry performing your procedures. It makes sense that the outcome would be less than ideal.
  • This is why, if you need to have a cosmetic dental procedure done, you should go to a doctor. If you go to someone whose main focus is cosmetic dentistry, you’re much more likely to receive the quality craftsmanship and artistry that will give you beautiful results you’ll be happy to show off.

We will make it right

Dr. Frazar and Dr. Hedge are Houston cosmetic dentists who take great pride in their ability to fix other dentists’ mistakes. They’re able to do this because, while they practice general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry is their passion and main area of focus.

They’ve devoted years to not only learning the best techniques for certain procedures, but also furthering their education, and keeping up with the latest news and techniques in the industry.

If you’ve been burned by a past dentist’s work, don’t just live with a smile you’re unhappy with—go speak to dentists who love performing cosmetic dentistry, and who will be focused on the appearance of your teeth afterward.

Set up a consultation with our top-notch dentists so you can begin to create the smile you want. Call us today at 713-701-1783 to schedule your consultation!