Dental implants are thought of as a modern dentistry marvel that can replace missing teeth but despite the fact that dental technology has made the ability to replace your natural teeth with implants that are extremely close to natural teeth, the idea of replacing the teeth with other materials is not new.

About Early Dental Implants


Early dental implants were used by the Mayan civilization over thirteen hundred years ago and in some archaeological digs they were found to be successful at actually fusing to the jaw. Today’s version of the dental implant wasn’t perfected until the 1950’s when titanium was incorporated and the father of implant dentistry, Dr. Leonard Linkow, began work that today’s dentists use to help people replace missing teeth with something that behaves very much like a natural tooth.

Increasing Your Chance of Success with Dental Implants in Bellaire


The Houston Dentists serve Houston and Bellaire plus the surrounding area with a variety of dental services, including implant dentistry. We leverage the latest in materials and techniques and Dr. Kathy Frazar and Dr. Thomas Hedge are happy to provide you with a free implants consultation to help you determine whether or not this procedure is right for you. Careful analysis and prep work may be necessary to maximize your chances of success with a dental implant and after care is essential for ensuring your implant does, in fact, fuse correctly. Whether you want to replace a tooth or are interested in an implant supported bridge or entire dentures but ones that are permanently affixed via All-on-4 custom implants, using an experienced dentist in the Bellaire Houston area is essential for getting the results you are hoping for.

The Houston Dentists: Implants Experts


Are you considering dental implants a solution to replace missing teeth? We would be happy to assess your mouth and talk to you about your options. The Houston Dentists offers a team of skilled and accredited dentistry professionals, including Doctors Hedge and Frazar, who can help you explore this option. Contact (713) 668-7137 to book an appointment in our Bellaire, Houston office today.