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Do you have a smile that shows substantially more gums than teeth? Instead, do you want a smile that displays your beautifully exposed teeth and less of your gums? Or perhaps you have an uneven gumline that isn’t attractive?

Well, if you’d like to get rid of your gummy smile, or fix your uneven, unattractive gumline, our Houston cosmetic dentists have the perfect solution for you—-cosmetic gum reshaping.

Cosmetic gum reshaping is also referred to as gum recontouring, gum lifts, or gingival gum recontouring. This cosmetic gums treatment will significantly improve the appearance of your smile by beautifully exposing an attractive gumline and your healthy, pink gums!

What types of problems does gum reshaping solve?

Most people don’t realize how important healthy, beautiful gums are to the overall appearance of your smile. Healthy, attractive-looking gums are an essential component to a radiant smile. Actually, gum reshaping is best suitable for patients who have:

An uneven gumline can be unattractive and distracting to some people. Also, when people have a gummy smile, they often feel that their teeth are short, and that nothing can be done to fix that.

Well, don’t worry because if you have these issues with your gums, Dr. Hedge and Dr. Frazar can help!

Our gum reshaping procedure produces breathtaking results!

Our gum reshaping procedure is perfect for you! After you are comfortably sedated with a local anesthetic, we use the innovative soft tissue laser technology (i.e. dental gum laser) to effectively and gently reshape your gumline to create an extraordinary smile.

  • Sometimes the bone tissue underneath your tooth must be reduced after gum reduction so that the bone tissue does not stimulate the gum to grow over your tooth once again.
  • When you opt for the gum reshaping procedure, we will use this non-surgical method to gently remove excess gum tissue that is apparent with a gummy smile.
  • Most of all, no stitches are needed, either, and the procedure can be completed in one office visit—-now who can say no to that?
  • If you would like to remove the unattractive aspects of your smile and gums, cosmetic gum lifts or maybe even gum bleaching (depending on the severity of your condition), or gum pigmentation removal could be the right solution for you. Gum grafting is also available to patients who have a receding gum line (potentially from gum/periodontal disease).
  • Overall, the cosmetic gum lift and gum reshaping are simple solutions to add the finishing touches for a flawless smile. Just think—-if you recently received dental veneers or another smile design cosmetic dental service, but your gumline is uneven, or you still have a gummy smile, then it detracts from the stunning appearance of your brand new smile. Enter, gum reshaping to correct the problem!
  • Consequently, after the gums recontouring procedure, your teeth become longer and more proportional to each other.
  • The natural contours of your teeth will be beautifully exposed, resulting in a captivating smile.

See if gum reshaping is right for you!

So if you are interested in laser gum reshaping, we encourage you to call our cosmetic dentists today. We will determine if you are a suitable candidate. If so, you can enjoy the many benefits that gum reshaping has to offer!