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Choosing a Houston dentist with ample experience to combat gum disease is a very important decision. Our Houston dentists have experience detecting gum disease signs and symptoms, and effectively treating this harmful disease.

Fighting Gum Disease

  • Combating gum disease early on is extremely beneficial. Otherwise, the disease can lead to more serious dental problems and health issues. If you are unsure about symptoms you are experiencing, we highly recommend scheduling your appointment with us as soon as possible. Early detection and treatment is crucial.
  • Approximately 80% of people have some form of gum disease without even knowing it! That’s an alarming statistic, considering how detrimental gum disease can be to your dental health and overall health. Evaluate any signs and symptoms on a consistent basis, such as bleeding or swollen gums.
  • Firm, pink gums are indicators of healthy gums. However, when plaque and bacteria accumulate, your gums become red and swollen. Without consistent, daily removal of plaque and bacteria, hard deposits (called tartar) form on your teeth, thereby harmfully affecting your gums.
  • If gum disease is not treated at this stage, you can lose your teeth since the gums waste away and cannot hold the tooth in place anymore.

We are here to help

  • Healthy gums are essential for long-term dental health without substantial tooth decay or other harmful gum disease consequences. Regular brushing, flossing, eating a healthy diet, and minimizing sugary beverages are crucial daily activities to do.
  • If you suspect gum disease, come to our office for a check-up. In fact, we highly recommend six-month dental checkups so we can closely watch any adverse changes to your dental health.
  • You are better safe than sorry when it comes to gum disease detection and treatment.
  • Our highly trained dentists will provide you with exceptional gum disease treatment near the Houston area. They have many, many years of combined experience in successfully detecting and treating gum disease. With us, you will receive gentle dental care to fight gum disease from our dentists and our in-house periodontist.

If you are thinking about getting gum disease treatment in Houston, feel free to consult with one of our dentists. Dr. Hedge and Dr. Frazar will create a healthy smile for you, free from gum disease, or other forms of periodontal disease!

If detected early on, we can help control gum disease. If you are ready to select a top-notch dentist near the Houston area for gum disease treatment, please call us at 713-701-1783 for your complimentary consultation.