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Do you have a broken porcelain veneer? If you do, you may not know where to turn.

The truth is that you need a dentist who can perform a full veneers restoration for your smile.

If you’re looking for veneers restoration dentists in Houston, our cosmetic dentists here at The Houston Dentists would love to help you. Dr. Tom Hedge and Dr. Kathy Frazar love doing all things related to veneers, including veneer restorations.

Why Are My Veneers in Bad Condition?

Your veneers may be in bad condition for several reasons. These include:

  • Trauma to your veneers, resulting in chips or breakage
  • Poorly applied veneers

If you have suffered some sort of trauma to your veneers, whether from crunching on a piece of hard candy, or suffering from some other form of blunt force to your mouth, your veneers may break or crack. In this case, it is important to fix this breakage immediately. If you do not fix your broken veneer, your exposed tooth may irritate the inside of your mouth, and your teeth may be more sensitive to temperature, leaving you in a profound state of discomfort.

Another reason why your porcelain veneers may be in poor condition is if you have had poorly applied veneers.

Keep in mind that the veneer application process requires deft precision, and only an experienced veneers dentist should be handling your veneers procedure.

If you have had your veneers applied by an inexperienced dentist, our quality veneers restoration dentists can help.

How Can A Cosmetic Dentist Restore My Veneers?

There are several ways in which your veneer can be restored. However, before your veneers can be restored, you should take several steps in order to avoid difficulty in the restoration process. These include:

  • Keeping your intact veneer if it has fallen off
  • Immediately seeing a cosmetic dentist to either replace the veneer, or reapply the veneer

A veneers restoration dentist can take several steps in order to restore your veneers.

If you have missing veneers, your dentist can simply reapply the veneer you have saved. This is an easy and painless process which takes virtually no time to accomplish.

If your veneers are chipped, broken, or completely missing, one of our cosmetic dentists can either use porcelain bonding material to reconstruct them, or completely replace the veneer.

Regardless, you will still be able to have that perfect smile you want and need.

I Didn’t Get My Veneers from Your Dentists. Can I Still Have A Restoration?

Even if you did not initially receive your veneers from our cosmetic dentists, Dr. Tom Hedge and Dr. Kathy Frazar are more than willing to still perform a veneers restoration.

One of the things our Houston cosmetic dentists strive to do is to build personal and professional relationships with our clients. This means that our dentists will do their very best to meet all of your individual cosmetic dentistry needs.

If you have a broken veneer, or veneers that are in need of restoration, Dr. Hedge and Dr. Frazar would love to help you. Call The Houston Dentists today for a complimentary consultation at 713-701-1783.