Do you need gum surgery? If so, laser gum surgery is advantageous for a number of reasons. If you are looking for information on laser gum surgery in Houston, The Houston Dentists, Dr. Kathy Frazar and Dr. Thomas Hedge, are experts in laser gum surgery.

Laser gum surgery following the LANAP protocol is FDA approved and has a very high success rate for eradicating gum-destroying bacteria. The surgery isn’t just effective but is, in many ways, superior to typical surgery because of the fact that dentists can pinpoint problem areas and minimize removal of healthy tissue. It can provide benefits to the bone in your jaw and help you keep your natural teeth.

With faster recovery times, no sutures, and the fact that it’s pain-free, it makes sense to leverage this treatment option for gum disease as well as for cosmetic gum lifts. Do you have questions about the need for laser gum surgery and the procedure? Here are a few common questions received at The Houston Dentists:

Laser gum surgery may be required for periodontal disease. It can remove bacteria and help save your teeth as well as improve your oral health, which is strongly linked to your overall health.
Laser gum surgery is significantly less uncomfortable than typical gum surgery, which can be quite painful. Most people describe it as mild discomfort that they recover from quickly. It typically isn’t painful enough to require post-operative pain medication.
Laser gum surgery patients are generally return to work the same day as gum surgery. Because the laser seals the surgical site there is no bleeding and no sutures to remove.
The cost of laser gum surgery is generally comparable to, although sometimes slightly higher than traditional gum surgery, depending on the procedure and the location. You will be provided with a quote prior to surgery.
Dr. Kathy Frazar and Dr. Thomas Hedge can help those who need gum surgery. Both dentists are fully qualified with the FDA-approved LANAP protocol for gum disease. As trained and accredited Houston dentists with an excellent track record, the entire team at The Houston Dentists are eager to help you with gum surgery for Periodontal disease as well as for cosmetic purposes. Do you have other questions about laser gum surgery? We would be happy to answer your questions. Call (713) 668-7137.