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eco-friendly dentist HoustonAt The Houston Dentists, we make your dental health and comfort a priority. However, our practice is focused on the bigger picture as well.

We realize the importance of keeping our environment clean and green, which is why we practice eco-friendly dentistry. Our Houston cosmetic dentists use only the latest technology to keep our practice “green.”

How Do Dental Practices Harm the Environment?

Surprisingly, many dental practices significantly contribute to pollution. In the dental industry, several factors play into serious pollution and environmental risks. These hazards largely stem from needless waste. Some of the many wasted materials and contributions to environmental pollution include:

  • 3.7 tons of mercury waste each year
  • 28 million liters of toxic x-ray fixer wasted each year
  • 1.7 billion sterilization pouches are thrown away each year
  • Many dental practices waste billions of gallons of water each year

Thus, the facts are surprising. Careless dental practices result in significant pollution, which, in turn, harms our environment. At The Houston Dentists, we certainly do not want to be part of the problem. Our green dental practice in the Houston area strives to not only reduce these problems, but also to make progressive steps to curb environmental hazards produced by the dental industry.

Eco-Friendly Dentistry in Houston

We have taken several steps to reduce waste, and therefore help to keep our environment clean. Thus, we have created one of the first eco-friendly dentist offices in Houston. We have learned several strategies from leading researchers in environmental conservation efforts that have allowed our practice to reduce its waste.

These new eco-friendly dental strategies include:

  • A digital transition throughout our entire office
  • Replacing traditional x-ray techniques with digital imaging, thereby eliminating needless radiation exposure and lead waste
  • Our digital transition has led to a 70% to 90% decrease in lead waste and exposure to toxic elements

Thus, both our patients and the environment do not experience a significant exposure to harmful lead and radiation, increasing both the health of our clients and the health of our planet.

In addition, our dentists are making a significant effort to reduce the exorbitant amount of yearly wasted water. The measures we have taken in order to save water are extensive, so our new innovations in water conservation have allowed our practice to make a significant contribution to environmental protection.

The Facts on Wasted Water in Dentistry

  • Traditional vacuum systems waste an average of 360 gallons of water per day.
  • We utilize a “dry vacuum,” a system which saves billions of gallons of water per year.

Digital Communication in Eco-Friendly Dentistry

At The Houston Dentists, we have also made a significant effort to reduce our use of disposable supplies through online communication, which not only helps keep Houston green, but also offers more convenience for our patients.

Choose Our Eco-Friendly Dentist Office

If you’re looking for a top-notch eco-friendly dentist office in the Houston area, choose our cosmetic dentists, Dr. Tom Hedge and Dr. Kathy Frazar. Not only do we offer top-notch, eco-friendly dental services, we also pride ourselves on putting our patients’ comfort and needs first. For a complimentary consultation, call us today at 713-701-1783.