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This testimonial was recently sent to Dr. Hedge from a very pleased patient:

About 4 months ago I went to Dr. Thomas Hedge at The Houston Dentists to get porcelain veneers on all of my upper and lower teeth.  It was an exceptional experience.

My motivation for getting the veneers was not cosmetic.  I knew I had problems with my bite and went to see Dr. Hedge to discuss what improvements could be made.  Through a very thorough (and personable) consultation he explained the procedure, the options and what I could expect.

My second step was to do extensive research of this procedure.  Interestingly, although there are many, many articles available on porcelain veneers, and even more dentists advertising the procedure none of them seemed to talk about quite the same procedure that Dr. Hedge described to me.

Briefly and in layman’s terms this is Dr. Hedge’s evaluation procedure:

  • Initial consultation to understand my objectives.  He also showed before and after pictures of some of his previous patients.
  • An extensive session to map my bite electronically on a computer.  He and his team placed electrodes on the muscles in my jaw and head to monitor muscle contractions and record any unusual sounds in my joints, then attached a device to my jaw that could record all the movements of the jaw in three dimensions when I opened and closed my mouth.
  • After recording all this information about my bite, they mapped this graphically against an ideal bite to show me exactly what was wrong.
  • Knowing exactly what the problem was, Dr. Hedge explained what would be required to fix my bite and make it normal.

As a business strategy and technology consultant by profession I was very appreciative of the approach they took to quantitatively measure the problem and define a solution to that problem.  So I decided to go ahead with the procedure.  I will refrain from giving the details of the procedure since I am not a dentist and would likely misstate many things.  However, I will share the results of my procedure after living with my veneers for about 4 months:

  • I have no pain, soreness or sensitivity in my mouth at all.  And this is after having every single tooth in my mouth replaced with a veneer.
  • My new teeth feel as natural as to me as the real ones did.
  • I have stopped grinding my teeth at night and now wake in the morning without headaches.
  • When I sleep I now breathe through my nose instead of my mouth.
  • I do not wake up congested in the morning as I did before the procedure.
  • When I eat it is now natural for me to chew with my mouth closed, whereas previously I had to think about closing my mouth whenever I chewed.
  • I no longer have symptoms of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)
  • My smile and all my teeth look fabulous.  This is not a surprise given that each tooth was custom designed and hand made.
  • I have received many comments about how great my teeth look.  But because the veneers look so natural the comments are always about how white they are.  Nobody thinks “veneer” or “false teeth”.

Make no mistake, this is not an inexpensive procedure and it is unfortunate that insurance companies still classify this a cosmetic dentistry even when it is done for sound medical reasons.  However, from my research it does seem to be a classic case of getting what you pay for.  It was expensive, but according to Dr. Hedge these veneers should last for the rest of my life.  For me it was a worthwhile investment.  If you are considering veneers or think you might have a problem with your teeth or bite I highly recommend Dr. Hedge and The Houston Dentists.

– Peter Buck