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Choosing a dentist who will meet your dental needs is an important decision to make. There are many aspects regarding the cosmetic dentist, and his or her office, to take into consideration. However, if you are ready to opt for a specific cosmetic dentistry treatment, you can come see The Houston Dentists today to get started!

Receiving unparalleled dentistry from our dentists!

Drs. Frazar and Hedge are talented Houston cosmetic dentists trained and skilled in both general and cosmetic dentistry treatments. That means, if you are interested in transforming your smile with veneers or a different cosmetic dentistry treatment option, you can schedule your appointment with us.

We will utilize our general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry skills to determine how to create the amazing smile you crave.

  • We can help you determine which cosmetic dentistry options will be best for you and your smile.
  • We will evaluate your past dental records and history to pinpoint any risks associated with cosmetic dentistry.
  • Drs. Frazar and Hedge will devise a thorough treatment plan so that you can finally have the smile of your dreams in no time!
  • We will use innovative technology to help solve the problems you have with your smile.

When you choose Drs. Frazar and Hedge for your dentistry needs, you can expect excellent, award-winning cosmetic dentistry.

Dentistry in a spa-like office environment

During your consultation with us, you can observe various elements of our relaxing, serene dental office. Actually, we created our dental office with you, our patient, in mind!

We have several spa-like amenities so that you can relax during your appointment. Rest assured, Drs. Frazar and Hedge are committed to giving you an impressive smile that will make you proud and excited to smile at every opportunity!

Just call today for your consultation!

Now that you know that you do not have to see your regular dentist before getting cosmetic dentistry, are you ready to opt for your smile makeover from The Houston Dentists?

To take advantage of our wide array of cosmetic dentistry treatment options, you can call

Cosmetic Dentistry?

us today to schedule your complimentary consultation. During that appointment, we will speak with you regarding all treatments that will produce the amazing, Hollywood smile that you’ve always wanted!