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For a limited time only Invisalign will be offering Invisalign Express 5 at a discounted rate of $2,200. INVISALIGN EXPRESS 5 is a short term orthodontic treatment for patients who have minor issues with crowding or spacing. This reduced price is only being offered for a short period of time to promote this newer treatment option from Invisalign.


Invisalign Express 5 is currently only $2,200, a discount of as much as 20%. The aligners work the same way as traditional Invisalign yet only require five or fewer aligners to complete the treatment. This is ideal for patients who may have been considering the full Invisalign treatment but could not justify paying full price when they only required some minor orthodontic treatment.


Invisalign Express 5 is for patients who may have previously had braces and have teeth that have since become crowded or spaced. It is also for patients who only have minor orthodontic issues and don’t require a full orthodontic treatment. Invisalign Express 5 works the same way as the traditional Invisalign treatment, yet is cheaper because it does not require as many aligners to correct a patient’s alignment issues.

To determine if you are eligible for INVISALIGN EXPRESS 5 IN HOUSTON contact Drs. Kathy Frazar and Tom Hedge of The Houston Dentists. Drs. Frazar and Hedge are premier Invisalign providers and can help you get the smile of your dreams at a price that you can afford.