Do you currently wear dentures that “just don’t feel right?” Are you experiencing problems with your dentures, but you aren’t sure what to do to fix the problem?

Our Houston dentists are here to explain some common dentures problems that you might encounter, and how to solve those problems.

Common problems with dentures

#1: Teeth do not fit.

This is perhaps the most common complaint about dentures. When a denture fits improperly, the patient can experience significant soreness, swelling, and pain in their jaw and mouth. Some patients experience their denture moving, sliding, or slipping.

However, when a denture fits properly, it will rest comfortably against the gums, and it will not slide around. If you or a family member has a denture that does not fit correctly, our dentists can properly and effectively make adjustments to your denture to improve its fit.

#2: Dentures do not look like beautiful teeth.

A lot of people, unfortunately, have the perception that dentures look like fake teeth, and that they are not beautiful. Maybe you’ve seen dentures that look too white, are the wrong shape/size, or their face appears too long or too short—-all of these reasons can create an unnatural-looking denture.

However, not all dentures are made the same! Just as Dr. Hedge and Dr. Frazar artistically craft new porcelain veneers to look natural, they also utilize their skills and expertise to create natural-looking dentures. Our dentists strive to give you a radiant, healthy smile!

#3: Patients cannot chew with their teeth.

When people wear their dentures for the first time, it will take a few weeks to get used to eating. After a short time period, you will be able to eat and chew comfortably and normally with your dentures. However, some patients experience that they have difficulty chewing with their teeth (dentures).

This can be due to improper alignment of your upper and lower denture(s), or your denture alignment with your natural teeth. Also, denture wearers should keep in mind that there are certain foods you should not eat when wearing dentures. If you experience improper alignment, Dr. Frazar and Dr. Hedge recommend an in-office appointment to correct the “balance” of your denture.

#4: Patients do not wear their dentures.

When patients experience denture problems, they tend to not wear them as frequently as they should. This can potentially lead to further dental problems (tooth decay, etc), especially if they have partial dentures. Our dentists recommend only removing them in order to clean your dentures, and to practice healthy denture care.

Whether you have full or partial dentures, or mini implant dentures (i.e. mini implant system), you deserve to smile confidently and feel comfortable when wearing them. We know that none of our patients want to walk around with poor-fitting dentures, or experience problems with poor-fitting dentures several times a week.

If you or a family member needs your dentures repaired, a reline completed, or any other denture/partial problem fixed, our dentists will serve your needs.

Come see us for your denture repairs!

So if you suffer from any of the above dentures problems, our Houston dentists could help you! We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or encounter any problems when wearing your dentures.

That’s why we encourage you to schedule your appointment with us if you ever experience any issues or problems with your dentures. Our dentists have the solutions, so come see us today!