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Choosing a dentist in Houston for gingivitis treatment should be done carefully because you want the most gentle, expert dental care possible. Our gingivitis treatment doctors are highly qualified to detect and treat this oral disease that affects many patients.

Educating yourself on gingivitis signs and symptoms is a smart approach to maintaining a healthy mouth for years to come.

What is Gingivitis?

  • Gingivitis is a form of periodontal disease and is the inflammation of the gums (called gingiva). Gingivitis forms from long-term plaque deposits on your teeth, so the disease is common among those who do not receive regular teeth cleanings every six months.
  • The classic symptoms of gingivitis include: tender and/or painful gums; bright red-purple or red gums; mouth sores; shiny gums; swollen gums; and bleeding gums (especially after brushing and flossing).
  • There are some instances that increase your chances of developing gingivitis. Such cases include: poor oral hygiene; uncontrolled diabetes; pregnancy (because of hormonal changes); general illness; fillings with rough edges; misaligned teeth; and unclean/misfitting dental appliances (bridges, dentures, etc).

Treating your Gingivitis

  • Dr. Kathy Frazar and Dr. Thomas Hedge are dentists with gingivitis treatment experience and expertise. They will evaluate your specific cases against the symptoms listed above.
  • Our main goal when treating gingivitis is to reduce inflammation caused by harmful bacteria and plaque—the culprits of gingivitis.
  • The main treatment we give to patients is Perio Protect trays—a non-invasive method to destroy bacteria between regular dental checkups.
  • To start, we will evaluate your specific condition, and customize removable Perio Protect trays for your teeth. Then, we will prescribe a non-harmful chemical solution to add to the trays, which will dissolve bacteria that grow between your teeth and gum tissue. It’s that simple!
  • Also, we treat gingivitis by having our dental hygienist thoroughly and carefully clean your teeth to remove plaque and other deposits (i.e. tarter—hardened plaque that has not been removed).
  • After your professional teeth cleaning, we highly recommend effective and constant at-home oral care. This includes brushing, flossing, using daily antibacterial mouth rinses, and receiving regular professional teeth cleanings.

Another form of gingivitis treatment Dr. Frazar or Dr. Hedge might recommend is repairing your misaligned teeth or replacing/fixing any misfitting dental appliances.

This solution is recommended only if they lie at the root of the problem. We greatly suggest receiving gingivitis treatment by our Houston dentists if you detect any symptoms. They are equipped with the knowledge and technology to expertly combat the negative consequences of gingivitis.

Call us today in order to schedule your appointment or consultation. We want to help you fight gingivitis and win!