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Do you have a few missing teeth that you want replaced but are unsure of your options? Are you searching for a tooth replacement option that will give you natural-looking teeth instead of an empty space from your missing teeth?

Well, dental implants by the Houston dentists could be a great option for you. You can even take advantage of their dental implant sedation options so you can relax throughout your entire procedure!

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are typically made from using biocompatible titanium screws, which act as the post (the root of your tooth). Essentially, dental implants pose as the tooth’s root (an artifical root), providing full, unwavering tooth functionality.

A dental implant produces long-lasting, aesthetically-pleasing results for each of our patients. We consider dental implants as a clear, amazing alternative to bridges, dentures, and partials with a 95-98% success rate!

Why do we recommend dental implants?

The Houston dentists, and our on-staff periodontist, recommend dental implants to:

  • Support individual (or multiple) teeth or a bridge
  • Support a loose-fitting denture for more security and comfortability
  • Replace one or several teeth (without using the surrounding teeth). This provides a more conservative approach to replacing your missing tooth with a natural-looking tooth.
  • Provide a practical, effective, and safe alternative to partial dentures

Dental implant sedation methods that we offer

Since this is considered an invasive procedure, you have the option to choose among our dental implant sedation methods so you can relax throughout your entire procedure.

Our dentists will thoroughly evaluate your health history, current medications, and current medical status to determine the best and safest method of sedation dentistry for you. Your dental fears and anxieties will melt away with any of our dental implant sedation methods, including:

  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)– This sedation method is great for less invasive dental services so you can relax throughout your entire dental treatment.
  • Oral conscious sedation– For our patients who exhibit higher anxiety, more fear, or who have gagging problems, we provide oral conscious sedation. The medication comes in a pill format to make you extremely relaxed.
  • IV sedation– This is suitable for patients who require more invasive, in-depth, and longer procedures. IV sedation allows the patient to feel very sleepy and sedated, from the beginning to the end of the appointment!

If you need to get dental implants placed, but you are kind of nervous about the procedure, you can choose dental implant sedation by the Houston dentists. To see if it is right for you, please call us to schedule your consultation or first appointment today!