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Dr. Tom Hedge Veneers/TMJ Testimonial

This testimonial was recently sent to Dr. Hedge from a very pleased patient:

About 4 months ago I went to Dr. Thomas Hedge at The Houston Dentists to get porcelain veneers on all of my upper and lower teeth.  It was an exceptional experience.

My motivation for getting the veneers was not cosmetic.  I knew I had problems with my bite and […]

Denture Replacements: What Are Your Options?

If you currently have dentures, but you’re unsatisfied, it may be time to consider a denture replacement. Contrary to popular belief, there are several options when it comes to denture replacements.

Our Houston denture replacement dentists want to show you the available options in order to help you determine which type of denture replacement is the right one for you.
Why Should […]

Saving and Replacing Your Implants

If you’ve already had a dental implant, there are still risks of that implant failing. Sometimes your implant will lose its grip on your existing bone tissue, causing this implant to fail. You may be worried that there is no hope of saving your dental implant, however this is not the case.

Even if you have a failing implant, you can […]

Long-term Solutions for Teeth Problems

Are you looking for long-term solutions for your teeth problems? If so, you will be very happy to know that The Houston Dentists have the dental solutions to give you a healthy, gorgeous smile for many, many years to come!

Dr. Hedge and Dr. Frazar have several years of combined experience within the general and cosmetic dentistry field. As such, they […]

Let IV Sedation Dentistry Ease Your Fears

Taking care of your teeth is important, not only to your oral health, but also to your overall systemic health. Gum disease has been linked to a host of conditions, from strokes to complications with pregnancy.

Don’t let fear of the dentist jeopardize your health.

IV sedation dentistry can ease your fears and make visiting the dentist like a walk […]

Looking for a Sedation Dentist in Houston?

As many as 75% of U.S. adults suffer from some form of dental fear. This fear can cause a person to avoid the dentist.

By the time a dental emergency forces the person to seek care, the problem requires invasive and often painful techniques, which simply reinforces the fear.

Fortunately, there is a way to break this vicious cycle: sedation dentistry.
Sedation Options
Sedation […]

Athletic Mouthguards in Houston: More Power Through Better Alignment

You know the importance of athletic mouthguards for safety, but did you know that the right mouthpiece could also improve your performance?

The Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM) designs its custom mouthpieces to optimize neuromuscular harmony and improve athletic performance.
The Science of Jaw Alignment
For a large segment of the population, the lower jaw is not in an optimal position. The strain […]

Dry Mouth: Causes and Treatment Options

If you are one of many who suffer from dry mouth, you know that this condition can severely hamper such everyday activities as eating and talking. But did you know that there are dry mouth treatment options?
The Importance of Saliva

Saliva helps to keep the teeth and gums clean, so people with dry mouth are at higher risk for tooth decay […]

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Houston: Your Questions Answered

Perfecting and protecting your beautiful, healthy smile is our passion. If left unaddressed, wisdom teeth can wreck your smile by crowding your other teeth. We help our Houston area patients decide whether removing wisdom teeth is in their best interests.

Here, we’ve answered your most pressing questions about wisdom tooth extraction.
Why Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

For many of us, wisdom teeth […]

Finding a Mercury-Free Dentist in Houston to Replace Your Fillings

For a number of reasons, many of our Houston patients decide they want to replace unsightly and potentially unsafe metal dental work with modern aesthetic restorations.

Not only are mercury-free fillings considered safer, they can also be tinted to match your tooth color, making your smile more natural-looking. This involves finding a dentist in Houston for mercury-free dentistry services.

Are Mercury […]