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The Secret to Fresh Breath

We have all had moments where we have wondered if our breath is fresh enough. Alternatively most of us have also been near those that make us want to take a few quick steps backwards away from them.

Halitosis or bad breath has affected every human being at one time or another.  While you can’t do anything about theirs, knowing the […]

How To Beat Chemical Bomb Bad Breath

I remember reading a Richie Rich comic as a kid. The comic was about a villain Richie faces who turns victims unconscious with his bad breath. Although such a scenario is still far away from reality, it is true that bad breath afflicts people around the world. It sours conversations and causes grimaces in would-be friends. It affects social life. […]

Dry Mouth: Causes and Treatment Options

If you are one of many who suffer from dry mouth, you know that this condition can severely hamper such everyday activities as eating and talking. But did you know that there are dry mouth treatment options?
The Importance of Saliva

Saliva helps to keep the teeth and gums clean, so people with dry mouth are at higher risk for tooth decay […]

Houston Dentists Discuss Tongue Odor

As Houston dentists, we’ve seen and heard it all, but our patients are still sometimes embarrassed to bring up a mouth issue that can be truly bothersome yet is quite common: bad breath or chronic tongue odor.

Having bad breath and not knowing what to do about it can be very embarrassing, but knowing what causes the problem (tongue odor) […]