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Are you searching for qualified dentists in Houston who fix broken or chipped teeth?

The Houston Dentists offer two cosmetic dental solutions to fix broken or chipped teeth—veneers (LUMINEERS®) and cosmetic dental bonding.

LUMINEERS for chipped teeth

  • A popular brand of veneers is called LUMINEERS. Patients with minor tooth imperfections (i.e. stained teeth, minor chipped teeth, spaces between teeth) are good candidates for LUMINEERS. Since they are placed on top of your tooth, adaptations to your natural teeth are typically not necessary.
  • Thus, drilling, numbing, and anesthesia are not required. They are considered “prepless veneers” (and painless!) due to the decreased prep-work needed to customize your beautiful LUMINEERS.
  • A thin porcelain material (called Cerinate Porcelain) is used to create the LUMINEERS, which are actually comparable to the thickness of a contact lens. This is a reversible cosmetic dental procedure, which means that a patient can choose to remove the LUMINEERS, exposing the original smile.
  • Before your procedure begins, The Houston Dentists can show you customized computerized images to ensure you will love your new, radiant LUMINEERS smile!

Dental bonding for broken or chipped teeth

  • Another cosmetic dental procedure offered by the dentists in Houston is dental bonding, which typically fixes chipped, or slightly misaligned teeth in just one office visit.
  • A liquid composite resin material, which is tooth-colored, is applied in order to transform your broken/chipped tooth into its natural shape. Your Houston dentist will then use a curing light to harden the resin, and then sculpt and polish the restoration for an aesthetically beautiful result.
  • Dental bonding is an affordable dental solution for your chipped or broken teeth, and can last up to 5-10 years depending on your oral hygiene. An attractive feature of dental bonding is that anesthesia is usually not involved—so no worries there!

Dr. Hedge and Dr. Frazar are a smart choice if you are searching for dentists in Houston who fix broken or chipped teeth. We highly encourage you to speak with us regarding any dental procedures. Call us today in order to schedule your consultation!