There are consequences to missing teeth and bone loss is a progressive consequence that can have undesirable outcomes, such as changes in the shape of your face and the inability to improve your smile through dental implants. If you have a dental implants consultation and are told you are losing bone in the jaw, this does not mean you are not eligible for dental implants. But a bone grafting procedure may be necessary before our Houston Dentists can plan for dental implants. Not only do we offer dental implants and alternatives but we can also help you arrange bone grafting procedures that will optimize success levels with dental implants by providing adequate jaw support. In addition to bone grafting making dental implants possible for those with bone loss in the jaw, replacing lost bone in the jaw in preparation for dental implants, procedures can help stop missing teeth from making you look much older than you are, too.

Types of Bone Grafts in Periodontics

A periodontist in Houston can help you with bone grafting and other periodontal procedures that might be necessary to help you get your mouth in optimum condition for dental implants. Bone grafts can be done with synthetic material, through bone harvested from the individual receiving the bone graft, or via bone bank from humans or animals. While it will take time to heal, your dentist can also outfit you with temporary teeth that will be replaced with implants, once your mouth is ready. We would be happy to explore your options with you.

Working with The Houston Dentists for Dental Implants Success

Here at The Houston Dentists in Texas, we will only place dental implants when we are sure that you have the absolute best chance of success with them. We have a very high dental implants success rate. Bone grafts and other procedures may be recommended prior to dental implants, depending on your individual situation. An individualized treatment plan is essential and that’s something we take pride in. A periodontist in Houston will tailor your treatment to your needs based on your oral and overall health.

Are you wondering if you’re eligible for dental implants or if you are losing bone in the jaw? Get a free dental implant consultation at The Houston Dentists. Doctors Hedge and Frazar can help you determine what steps are necessary to prepare your mouth for dental implants. Contact (713) 668-7137 today for more information about bone grafting, dental implants, and Houston periodontal treatments.