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Do you want porcelain veneers but you can’t afford them? Do you suffer from damaged front teeth and want cosmetic dentistry to create an amazing smile, but the treatment costs are not in your budget?

There is hope for you!

Do not forgo cosmetic dentistry treatment(s) just because you think your dental insurance will not cover it. Do your research and know the details of your insurance plan—it will benefit you in the long run!

Cosmetic Dentistry coverage

  • Typically, most cosmetic dentistry procedures are not fully covered by insurance for the total cost of treatment(s). However, clauses within most patient’s dental health insurance plans sometimes cover certain types of cosmetic dentistry procedures (to some extent).
  • There are a few instances when your dental insurance plan can help reduce the cost of cosmetic dentistry procedures. For instance, some plans have a clause that covers the cost of replacement porcelain veneers. This is helpful in cases where you received porcelain veneers, and later on, the original veneer deteriorated in some way (i.e. broken veneer, chipped veneer).
  • Your insurance probably has a clause regarding “defective dental work,” which would serve you well in this case if the treatments have been documented well, and presented to your insurance company in the right manner.
  • Another instance when your insurance might help you cover the cost of cosmetic dentistry is when one of your front teeth become chipped or damaged in some way.

Injury-related dental work

  • Furthermore, if you suffer an injury, and the injury treatment involves cosmetic dentistry, your regular health insurance, workers compensation plan, liability plan, or dental health insurance plan might cover some of the expenses. Be sure to read each of the plans carefully to obtain the coverage you need.
  • While dental insurance might not cover the full cost of cosmetic dentistry procedures, they might provide certain benefits and at least reduce the total cost in some way.
  • Even though dental insurance companies place strict limitations on covering cosmetic dentistry procedures, most have clauses that could be beneficial to you. If your plan places too many restrictions on you, do not let that stop you from receiving the cosmetic dentistry treatments you want and need.
  • Your insurance company might be able to defray some of the total cost. Be sure to read your dental insurance plan details very carefully. You might be able to find a way to have insurance pay for at least a portion of your cosmetic dentistry.

Treatment is most important

Overall, choosing the cosmetic dental treatments that are the best for your health is of utmost importance, and should take precedence over dental insurance coverage. Come and see Houston cosmetic dentists, Dr. Kathy Frazar and Dr. Thomas Hedge, today to discuss your options.