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Are You Searching for a Houston Dentist for Implants?

Do you have one or more missing teeth? Are you searching for an experienced dentist for implants in Houston? Well, if you’re looking to remedy your problems with missing teeth, Dr. Kathy Frazar at The Houston Dentists would love to help you achieve the smile you want with dental implants.

The implants procedure is invasive and delicate. This is why it […]

Gummy Smiles Be Gone: A Gum Lift With a Houston Cosmetic Dentist

A gummy smile or uneven gum line can completely change the appearance of your face. Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Kathy Frazar, as well as Dr. Tom Hedge, have years of experience transforming gummy smiles into beautiful, even, toothy grins.

A gummy smile—a smile that consists of too much of your gums and not enough of your teeth showing—can be a source […]

Smaller Needles from The Houston Dentists: Less Invasive, Less Scary

One of the reasons so many people fear going to the dentist’s office is because they are afraid of needles. This is a fairly common phobia.

In a 2001 Gallup poll, 21% of people said they had a fear of needles (the same poll found that about 50% of people feared going to the dentist)!

However, some people let their fear […]

Family Visits Houston Cosmetic Dentists

Dr. Kathy Frazar & Dr. Tom Hedge love helping families of all sizes with dental procedures! Whether its cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as veneers, porcelain bridges, crowns, teeth whitening, cleaning, or any of the other services– we want to be your dentist.

Below the Wood Family talks about their visit with Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Kathy Frazar. If you have any […]