Regardless of how nice your teeth are gum pigmentation can play a part in the look of your smile and how confident you feel about it. Bleaching dark gums is something many people are not aware of. Dr. Thomas Hedge at The Houston Dentists has an excellent track record with his gum depigmentation methods. Whether you have black gums or darker gums and want bright pink gums, there are now options that can help you.

Correcting Gum Discoloration

Dark gums alone are not typically a sign of a problem; they are simply due to heredity or ethnicity. But pink gums that are of even color add to the look of a smile. Many people in and around the Houston area spend a lot of effort and / or money on keeping or restoring a smile and having hyperpigmentation of the gums can detract from their smile and confidence.

Do you see a future with a great smile? While a majority of the elderly lose most or even all of their natural teeth, dental implants can help preserve jaw structure, can help you continue to enjoy a varied diet, and can help you smile brightly at the fact that you have a gorgeous smile rather than one that makes you look older. With the many benefits of dental implants, isn’t it worth considering?

Gum Pigmentation | The Houston Dentists

Am I a Good Candidate for Gum Pigmentation Removal?

Not everyone is a good candidate for gum lightening. Gums need to be healthy and disease-free in order for Dr. Hedge to perform the treatment. If you have thin gums or are on blood thinners you won’t be eligible for gum bleaching. In order to determine your eligibility, make an appointment for an assessment with our Houston office.

Get More Information about The Hedge Gum Lightening

Dr. Hedge leverages lasers and dermabrasion to help you achieve pink gums in just one visit and often in under an hour. His techniques are not painful and there is little to no recovery or downtime required.

Very few dentists in the USA offer gum pigmentation removal and because it is a newer procedure, there is no information available on whether or not the results are permanent. Here at The Houston Dentists in Texas, Dr. Thomas Hedge can meet with you to discuss gum depigmentation and provide an assessment of gum health to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for gum bleaching. The Houston Dentists team consists of Dr. Thomas Hedge, Dr. Kathy Frazar, and a team of dental professionals who strive to provide a great experience at the dentist’s office in: general dentistry, restoring your smile, neuromuscular dentistry, sleep apnea, and more. At The Houston Dentists, we strive for an outcome that gives you something to really smile about! Call (713) 668-7137 to book an appointment.