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Parents Take Care: Watch for Teeth Grinding in Children

Teeth grinding in children can often be caused by stress and anxiety but not only can grinding occur during the day, but at night too when they sleep. Grinding your teeth in your sleep or the proper term, bruxism, is so common amongst children that according to KidsHealth.org and experts, ”two to three out of every ten children will grind […]

Dr. Tom Hedge Veneers/TMJ Testimonial

This testimonial was recently sent to Dr. Hedge from a very pleased patient:

About 4 months ago I went to Dr. Thomas Hedge at The Houston Dentists to get porcelain veneers on all of my upper and lower teeth.  It was an exceptional experience.

My motivation for getting the veneers was not cosmetic.  I knew I had problems with my bite and […]

Jaw Pain Treatment: How Our Houston Dentists Treat Jaw Pain

Have you been feeling jaw pain for the past few weeks, and you are unsure why you’re feeling this way? You know that you haven’t been injured, so that’s not what is causing your jaw pain.

Well, luckily you’ve come to the right place because The Houston Dentists have several methods to treat jaw pain.
Why does my jaw hurt?
When you come […]

Temporomandibular Joint Pain Treatment in Houston

If you have jaw pain or migraine headaches, you may be suffering from a serious condition called TMJ. TMJ disorder is associated with temporomandibular joint pain. This joint pain can be debilitating and difficult to cope with. However, at The Houston Dentists, our dentists want to inform you about your options when it comes to temporomandibular joint pain treatment in […]