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The Importance of Dental Floss in your Daily Routine

Every time you visit the dentist, she probably lectures you on flossing. According to one study by dental hygienist Christina Chapman, only about 5 percent of people floss their teeth regularly. This is a surprisingly low number of people who are effectively caring for their dental health.

If you are one of the 95 percent, you may know on the surface […]

Healthy Teeth: A Guide To Caring For Your Teeth At Home

Teeth are what help us chew food and they start the process of digestion in the mouth. They also make us look and feel good. This guide is dedicated to helping you, the reader, to maintain good teeth. There are a few concerns that people may have. Those with arthritis may have trouble holding the brush. Older people may have […]

Children’s Tooth Sealants Rising in Popularity in Houston

Many dentists in Houston and elsewhere are in favor of applying dental sealants which prevent the onset of tooth decay. Understandably, children would rather drink fruit juices over water and they won’t typically refuse candy, gummy bears, fruit leather, or granola which is tasty but really bad for their teeth.

Dental sealants are a liquid plastic covering which seal the teeth […]

Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentists in Houston

Maybe it has been a long time since you’ve been to the dentist, and now you’re faced with several dental problems that must be fixed right away. We hope you’re not in that situation! If you find yourself in that predicament, you don’t have to worry! Our full mouth reconstruction dentists in Houston perform comprehensive FMR procedures for qualified patients.
What […]

New York City’s Ban On Sugary Beverages Applauded by the ADA

In a somewhat controversial move the New York City Board of Health enacted a ban of large-sized sugary drinks. The American Dental Association’s (ADAs) President William Calnon made a statement thanking Mayor Bloomberg from bringing attention to the issue that “Frequent and excessive consumption of soda and other sugary beverages raises the risk of adverse health conditions such as obesity, […]